Company Culture: How does it impact on employees?

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Company culture is the values and ideals shared by those within the company. All companies have a culture. From the largest multinationals all the way down to the sole traders. To have a company culture is to share a vision, values, beliefs and habits between the people within that company.

What Does Company Culture Mean for Employees?

The key to a strong company culture is its employees. As much as some companies would like to think that every person within the company is just happy to be getting paid, the truth is that employees want to feel valued.

To do this there needs to be a good company culture in place. For most people, work is the place where they spend the majority of their time so they want to feel happy and fulfilled. To achieve this there are some key elements that a great company needs to have:


Teamwork is at the heart of any great business. Working within a great team can help to inspire individuals through collaboration. Working together to achieve company goals can be a great way to instil a strong company culture.

Great Training

Training within a company can increase the productivity and happiness of its employees. Training should include technical skills and abilities in relation to the work. But it should also include an element of personal development and collaborative projects.

Pay and Benefits

As we alluded to in the intro, employees aren’t all about the money. However, having decent pay and other benefits can help to keep employees happy and deter them from looking elsewhere.


Work/life balance is a core issue in company culture and employee happiness. Businesses obviously need to make a profit and so need the staff to get work done but there must be an element of flexibility for the employee. Companies must realise that their employees are humans and have a life outside of the office. Keeping employees happy will help to increase productivity and bottom line. It can be difficult for companies to put in place a good work/life balance for employees as everybody has different needs. Whether it's achieved through remote working systems or flexible hours it is key to a successful business.

Working Environment

The place of work can have a profound impact on the happiness of employees. Working in a dull, grey office isn’t going to motivate anyone. If the company has remote working systems in place, where an employee is able to work from home or elsewhere, this can be a great motivator. Just having an attractive, bright working environment with facilities such as a café or vending machines or some entertainment for break time can all help to increase employee happiness.

Keeping all these points in mind can help to improve the company culture. Company culture is the personality of the company and to have a great personality can only lead to success. Treating employees well through good pay, benefits and a great working environment can not only keep employees happy but also dramatically increase the productivity and results the company achieves.

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