How to settle into a new job

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Congratulations on your new job! You’ve been successful in your interview and you have impressed the right people with your skills and your personality.

It can be overwhelming starting a new job, but remember that you bring a new perspective into the company. The first 90 days are usually the transitional period for settling in, so here are some tips to help with the process.

Be punctual

Being on time is good business etiquette and very important within your new workplace. Being on time doesn’t cost you anything and this will be really appreciated by your Manager and team. Maybe even arrive a little earlier on your first day. If you’re running late, be courteous and let your Manager/team know. Be time-conscious, but give yourself plenty of time when learning your new role. Do not try and put yourself under pressure to learn everything at once. 

Be Kind

Kindness is a necessity in the workplace. Always be polite to others and have a friendly approach towards them. Show off your personality – it’s great to show people a little bit of who you are. This will open up opportunities for conversation and you may even share the same interests as someone! 

Be Sociable

A great way to build relationships with your new team is to interact and be social. If you’ve been invited out for lunch, or perhaps your team all get together for an evening every fortnight, accept the invitation to show that you’re willing to have fun and join in. This will really help you settle into your new place of work. You’ll soon get to know others and they’ll soon get to know you too. Don’t stress, socialising with new people can be really exciting. It will help you to settle in quicker into your new role and you may even make new friends straight away.

Be Observant

Take notes that will help you within your new role. These could relate to your job, daily tasks, company functions and how your team works. Set goals of what you would like to achieve and when, this could help you to set off in the right direction.

Be Confident

It’s OK to ask questions and be inquisitive, don’t be afraid to ask for help at any point. After all, you need to learn about your new workplace and its structure as well as getting to know your exciting new team and job role. Knowing the structure of how things work will boost your confidence.

Just remember, it may take some time but you will settle into your new job and routine with a little bit of time.

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