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Acturis, as the leader of insurance software providers in Great Britain and Germany, handles transactions worth over EUR 7 billion annually on its platform. Their innovative digital solutions have already gained recognition among brokers and insurers in Great Britain, and recently also in Germany.

They have been operating since 2000, and their mission is to automate and increase efficiency in the insurance sector.

Their primary focus is on the development of a comprehensive online platform supporting the sale of insurance, as well as key business processes related to administration and accounting.

Acturis promotes an entrepreneurial culture and focuses its energy around a vision to revolutionise the insurance industry. Their aim is to deliver success to brokers via their digital platform. With this in mind, they have created unique, cloud computing, technological solutions supporting a number of processes. These innovations include comprehensive presentation of insurance products, convenient handling of inquiries, quick access to policy and claims handling, and efficient management of the customer base.

Their award-winning team includes analysts, product developers and document programmers, as well as C ++ and C # programmers and testers.


Wojciech Klichta,
Poland Team Manager

"The business relationship between Acturis and HR GO began in November 2019 when we were sharing office space in the same building. The first meeting took place as part of a business development campaign when HR GO's Poland office first opened. Dominik Kostecki contacted us along with other potential clients in the local business park community.

Acturis is a software development company specialising in the insurance industry. It was originally formed in the UK 20 years ago and now has around 160 employees in Poland.

HR GO's first service to Acturis was in supporting us with direct search recruitment in the areas we hadn't yet recruited in Poland. After conducting a market intelligence report, and providing business analytics, HR GO successfully recruited a new team specialising in Java. This team included Team Lead, Senior and Regular Developer.

As Acturis began developing new avenues in IT programming languages like Angular and React in 2021, HR GO was there to help us find candidates with the new skillset. Some of the roles additionally required German language skills. This is where HR GO's specialist knowledge came into play. An executive search strategy to recruit candidates with this unique skill combination was successfully launched, targeting around 100 candidates across Poland.

Open and clear communication has been the hallmark of the successful business relationship between HR GO Recruitment and Acturis."


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